A graveyard of past performances, put together before it was possible to have a Youtube channel........

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Einstein's Sister - short film 2005
Excerpt from a very funny take on sports films. A good sample of my US accent as that's me on the voiceover and the coach character at the same time.

The Feds - tv drama
with Rachel Griffiths

The Feds - tv drama
Rachel Griffiths, the late Bruno Lawrence and Robert Taylor

2002 Showreel
Put together before I realised that a simple crossfade is the best transition.
Running order:
SIAM SUNSET - Feature Film
WOGBOY - Feature Film
FULL FRONTAL - TV Comedy series
PLAYSTATION - TV commercial
CERTIFIED MALE - Stage show (soundtrack and stills)

The Boys from the Bush - tv comedy
Produced by Verity Lambert, a vehicle for a cast of high profile English comedians, but we got a little subplot to play with.
Jan Freidl, Nadine Garner, and Vikki Hammond

King Oscar Sardines - tvc
Underwater sequences were shot in the Channel Nine Melbourne swimming pool because it had a viewing window which made shooting easier.
The pool has long since been filled in.

ITP - tvc
Interesting thing about this ad was that it was short term, one state (NSW). A year later, touring in Tasmania, I saw it on the telly there. The head office declared that they had told other branches they weren't to use it. The Hobart office denied this. Eventually Equity threatened to point out to the public that a starving actor was being ripped off by a company that wanted the public to trust it, and the rollover fee immediately appeared. Thank you Equity.

The Age - tvc
Nothing to tell. Don't even remember doing it.

Holeproof - tvc
The absolute proof that I will do anything for money. Shot in Orange NSW. Met Sam Neill briefly after the shoot because his wife at the time was the make up artist.

Isuzu - tvc
Another forgotten experience

The Late Show - tv sketch comedy
Guest spot on popular comedy show.

Telecom - tvc
Got a trip to Broken Hill to do this one, and got to drink at the famous Silverton pub.

Phillip Island - tv doco
Part of a promotional video selling Phillip Island as a tourist destination. You'll still see this in the public library from time to time.
Baby wombats will run after anything that's moving so they don't lose their mum. Whenever I moved, she did.

Le Snak - tvc
This ad ran for 8 years which meant that I was 'the Le Snak Man' everywhere I went.
Sadly, the most fame I ever achieved in my long acting career. It went from being something I was embarrassed about, to a nice little cheque to look forward to every year.
It was shot on top of the old ICI building at the top end of Lonsdale st (Melbourne).
The fairly obvious model at the end fooled a surprising number of people.
After about 6 years they decided to shoot some new ads. But everyone apparently preferred the original so after a year they went back to it. The new ones were:
Le Golf - tvc
Le Aerobics - tvc
Le Stroll - tvc

ACI - tvc
Back in the days when Alan Bond was a business force to be reckoned with, Ross Williams and I were flown to Perth to shoot this ad on the banks of the Swan River. We were extolling the virtues of beer in glass because Alan owned the bottling works and was trying to lure sales from the tinny. As Ross was required to take a good swig each take, he was pretty blotto by the end of the day. Don't think the campaign worked.

The Fast Lane - tv comedy
One of my favouritest experiences, certainly in the world of TV. These scenes with Gary Adams as my sidekick. Gary is more noted for his bands - The Whittle Family, The Pete Best Beatles and The Clip Clop Club.

Flying Doctors - tv drama
Not of a lot of note except for the presence of 'Bud' Tingwell, WWII pilot and successful film actor in England during the Ealing Studios heyday
Learn about his incredible life here

Cop Shop - tv drama
My first role on TV. Circa 1978.

Cop Shop - tv drama
Nothing to do with my acting. Just that some of the old Cop Shop scenes were very interesting for what they captured of life at the time. Many of the locations are unrecognisable now, and I love this opening shot featuring one of the trains of the day. So evocative.

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