- relevant to me , that is

CIMRMAN ENGLISH THEATRE The theatre company I have been performing with regularly since 2014. We perform English translations of hugely popular Czech comedies, known and loved by countless Czechs

PRAGUE SHAKESPEARE COMPANY - I have performed with PSC since 2012, most recently in the title role of KING LEAR.

SOUNDSQUARE and BEEP- State of the art sound studios I use in Prague - when I'm not recording from home.

IMDb - THE INTERNET MOVIE DATABASE - check out my entry in this colossal database

DASH HOSKING makes his literary debut with this gut-wrenching pictorial novella

BORGIA- the Wikipedia entry for the series I worked on in 2011-13

TERRAFOLK- The group my daughter Kate performed with whilst living in Slovenia

BOLINDA AUDIO BOOKS- 70+ titles narrated by yours truly.
There are sound bites available on this site.
My daughter Kate also narrates for Bolinda.

LOUIS BRAILLE AUDIO- I read almost 90 titles for LBA over a period of about 25 years. In that time Louis Braille became Vision Australia, with a strong audio book production unit. But sadly, bad investments and the global financial crisis put an end to that.

AUDIOFILE - THE AUDIOBOOK MAGAZINE - contains occasional reviews of my Bolinda Audio Books, and awards the 'Earphones'

VARDOS- The Gypsy Music trio my daughter played in before her time in Slovenia.


FITREC - My son Dennis' businesses.

CHANNEL 31 - Melbourne's community television station where I have learned the ropes of Program Co-ordination. And where Nu Country TV airs.

NEIGHBOURS - Details of my 1993 episodes and where this soapy is showing worldwide.

PRISONER (aka 'Cell Block H' in the US) - Don't these people have a life?
Complete cross reference of everyone who was ever in the show (including yours truly), who they played and what they did. Update 2020: Sorry to say this site has not been updated since 2001 and lots of links are dead

NU COUNTRY TV - When the Nu Country FM radio station (where I did regular on air shifts), burnt down in 2000, things were quiet for a while, but we came back. Unfortunately the ABA decision in January 2002 finished what the fire couldn't. No permanent licence. However, you can't keep a good idea down. After I started volunteering as Presentation Co-Ordinator at Melbourne's community TV station, I had the idea of putting the radio show on TV.
Go to this site for all the info on the TV show I produced for 2 years for C31 (Community TV) -